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Pops is a concept app for a local popular food marker located in the suburbs of Ohio Dayton. Pops thrives from its grilled, delicious food. Pops offers a wide variety of grilled entrees and side items to pair with. Pops targets customers who lack the ability to cook dinner every night.

    Focus Areas

  • Who is the product for?
  • What is our main focus group?
  • What challenges will we face?
  • Who is our main competitors?
  • What is the product?
  • What is the most important need for our users?


  • 1.Time

  • 2. Reliability
    How quickly can new users learn the interface to accomplish basic tasks.

  • 3.Navigation
    Needs to be simple and easy to navigate,also easy to learn.

We first started by forming our research. We first started with user journey maps. Then next we started creating personas from our research.

Low-Fi Wireframes

High-Fi Wireframes


  • 1. Creating easy-to-understand data visuals for customers was a goal that helped drive this project as far as it did. A lot of the time, users don't know how to read or comprehend the data that apps throw at them. I solved this issue by using icons and labels to help the user understand on a more familiar level.

  • 2. Casual or family-style restaurants may have either a highly specialized or broad focus. Either way, entrees at these restaurants are moderately priced and meals are accompanied with tableside service. The goal is providing our customers with different variety of choices to choose from. We have organized our items into categories to help users find their taste.

  • 3. Reliability and customer experience go together, and it’s critical to not only understand what the customers want and expect, but to further ensure that the needed practices are put into place daily. Our goal was to ensure our users enjoy the experience when they are done order. We did not want to leave or users waiting for their food with our notice or confirmation. We added a confirmation email and time when it will be delivered.


The app make users feel like Pop’s is reliable and can be trusted to meet their needs.I learned a lot but the most important thing that I learned is that design and improving your design does not stop after the first idea and not even after the last.