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Nurture Nest

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Nurture Nest is a concept social media tool that was made to inform, help, and connect users who are first time mothers. There are a lot of users that are first time mothers who feel the pressure of being a first-time mother and do not know what all that they need to raise a child but also how to deal with other issues such as stress, equipment, and partners connections.

    Focus Areas

  • Who is the main user group?
  • What kind of product are we making?
  • Who is our main competitor?
  • What challenges will we face?
  • What is our biggest goal?
  • What does the final look like?


  • 1.Effciency

  • 2. Learnability
    How quickly can new users learn the interface to accomplish basic tasks.

  • 3.Navigation
    Needs to be simple and easy to navigate,also learn.

We begin by forming our research. We first started with user journey maps. Then next we started creating personas from our research.

Low-Fidelity Wireframes

High-Fidelity Wireframes

    Challenge OutCome

  • 1.Challenge
  • For our app to be successful . I combined three aspects in a Different way. All these factors need to work together to give users a unique value. I wanted to give the user great usability, and good performance. I wanted accessibility to be one of our main goals.

  • 2. Challenge
    I wanted our users to have a fun but educational experience. I wanted our users to quickly learn a new user interface with ease to enjoy or product. I main our main interface more user friendly to the user to ensure that their needs our met.

  • 3.Challenge
    Navigation was our top and most important goal to meet. We had strong feedback from users about having trouble moving back and forth. I went back and made adjustments to the main interface. I had icons and descriptions to help navigate the interface and also. It help with accessibility so all of our users feel good about navigating through.

Key Takeaway

I learned a lot but the most important thing that I learned is that design and improving your design does not stop after the first idea and not even after the last. I learned that this is a topic needed more research because there is more than one point of view. Like our main user group (mom’s) I found myself learning about new things that better improve myself.